Lots of new faces!


The last few months have been extra busy for new starters – lots of new faces from different backgrounds with a great range of expertise which has added to our already thriving and talented team…

  • Jimmy Smith – Designer

    Craving home comforts (Yorkshire puddings and pints of John Smith) Jimmy joined us after making his way back up North spending the past 4 years in London working for SEA Design. As a designer, Jimmy’s work is clear and considered, always with an idea in mind. When he’s not in the studio, you’ll find him glued to the seat of his beloved racing bike in head-to-toe Lycra. Now that’s dedication!

  • Paul McGuigan – Senior Account Manager

    Paul (our resident karate kid) joined Thompson Brand Partners following a career in publishing at Waterstones and agencies The Union and Brass. He has integrated into our brilliant accounts team seamlessly, winning our hearts with his secret supply of cookies! Outside of the office you can find him fighting crime… well… training to fight crime, in his mixed martial arts classes.

  • Hattie Crook – Office Manager

    After initially joining our team on a freelance basis in March, Hattie has now become a permanent addition. Previously working for leading own fashion brand AQ/AQ and studying Fashion at Leeds College of Art, Hattie has brought her experience from the fast paced fashion industry (running around like a mad woman) into everyday practice. Hattie hosts stylish lifestyle blog Peppermint Place and spends her free time exploring with her camera… and petting her three cats (she insists she’s not a crazy cat lady – we’re not so sure).

  • Ash Spurr – Designer

    With a colourful background in the creative industry, Ash has worked for the likes of The Designers Republic, Corporation Pop and Golden. His interests include architecture, listening to new electronic music (cue obscure name) and learning new digital skills, including working towards completing a Design Research Masters at Manchester Metropolitan University.

  • Andy Sherborne – Junior Designer

    Andy is driven (obsessed) by design, spending much of his free time exploring how to change people’s perceptions of what things could and should look like… pushing the boundaries is his thing. He joined us after graduating from Leeds Metropolitan University, with his experimental, ideas-led approach (so many ideas too little time), influenced by geometric shapes and minimalism. Andy also recently discovered his talent for ping-pong with super human reactions to moving objects. You heard it here first.

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