Once a good idea, always a good idea


I was clearing out my ‘office’ at home over the weekend. This makes it sound really grand, as its the place where I store all my old stuff, samples, vinyl and generally sneak off to on the pretext of pretending to do some work. Anyway, I found one of my old projects yesterday, which I worked on in Edinburgh and which still really makes me smile, because the idea is as strong as it was the day we did it.

Unfortunately at the time, whilst the Edinburgh International Film Festival absolutely loved the idea, one of their directors worried that it might position them as a small parochial event rather than the global player they hankered to be. That really grated on me, as the competition in film festivals was already intense and an opportunity to build the brand with a distinct personality was a great idea. Maybe I was naive, but when you are batting against Cannes, Venice and Sundance, you have to have something very memorable in your kitbag.

The idea was pretty simple, as all the best ones are. Take a famous film quotation and add in some local venacular. Great for posters and campaigns, and dead easy to implement. Here is an example:

As creatives, ideas are our currency and to see such a great one hit the cutting room floor is as sad today it was back then. At least the disappointment was softened by the posters winning one of the inaugral Chip Shop Awards, for work that clients choose not to go with. And this reminded me of another great idea that year, that also won a giant yellow chip. It was for a campaign to push sales of the Star Wars Trilogy in supermarkets when it was released for the first time on DVD. Also very much ahead of its time, as far as I am concerned:



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