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I'm old enough to have worked through a number of recessions, and have the grey hair to prove it. I have found that one of the things you need when faced with economic challenges and all the difficulties that come with it, is a fantastic and positive attitude to life. I firmly believe that hard work and honest effort can get you a long way to where you want to go. It might not take you all the way, but believe me, it really helps.

I know loads of people out there are out of work right now and they are undoubtedly finding it very hard. However, I am surprised by the lack of ingenuity and creative thinking that takes place when they are looking to improve their situation. It might just be me, but the lack of new ideas and thinking has been pretty stark.

How refreshing then to receive this email the other day. Titled "Fed up with unrealistic world-owes-me grads?" Its a superb example of creative thinking and writing, and a great way to stand out from the pack. I might not be able to help with a job, but am meeting Chloe next week for a cuppa to see how I can help. That's the least she deserves.

Please find attached my CV, enclosed in the hope that you might have a position of some (any!) kind within your company that would be suitable for me.

 Although a graduate, I am not precious about the role that you may have available.  I want to carve out a good career for myself in the creative arm of strong brand, but in order to get to that point, I fully realise that I will have to take what’s on offer.  I am working on the basis that once I get a job within a fast moving and forward thinking company that I can prove to them what a great decision it was to employ me, and so move up the ranks on my abilities and merit and not on the back of a degree (or even an MA!).

So you won’t find me saying ‘that’s not my job,” or “I’m a graduate I can’t do that.”  You won’t find me rolling into work late or only just on time so I’m not at my desk and ready to get on with things when the working day begins.  I won’t be sniffy about staying on to complete work or helping others to complete theirs. I have a strong work ethic and I don’t mind getting stuck into whatever is required of me.  I have enjoyed my time as a student but I am ready for the real world and I know that it’s nothing like the one I have been used to for the past few years. I don’t mind that.  I want a decent career and I want to work for a company that appreciates and rewards hard working people. 

So if you have a job available, please consider me for an interview.  I will ensure you don’t regret it.

If you want to contact her, the email is chloe@designbychief.com. You won't regret it!

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