A new brand to celebrate 25 years supporting visual arts


East Street Arts are a Leeds-based, National arts organisation, who marked their 25th anniversary with a rebrand by us here at Thompson.

East Street Arts is a national arts charity, which provides space for visual artists to grow and develop by providing support, mentoring, workspaces and making facilities as far afield as London, Leeds and Newcastle. They also believe strongly in the power of visual art in transforming communities with visual art, and manage events across the UK.

  • The charity has ambition and determination to grow beyond their Leeds base, but they were struggling to tell people what was at the core of what they do. Over the years, their visual identity had become confused, having often been reinvented for new projects and publications, and it wasn’t supporting their growth.

    We engaged with East Street Arts and their stakeholders, acting as a mentor and catalyst, giving them the support and confidence that they needed to develop their central proposition – as providers of space, both physical and mental, for visual artists. We brought to life this idea with the creation of a white box device to echo the space that East Street Arts provide. To get across the more complex idea of mental space, which is often without edges or borders, a suite of imagery was created, which used fractured light to define a space. A new logo was also created, a set of guidelines and templates that were easy to roll out consistently and quickly, despite the charity’s limited resources.

  • The new brand has so far been applied to brochures, leaflets, social media and a poster campaign across Leeds, with the website and corporate materials to follow later in the year.

  • East Street Arts’ Artistic Director, Jon Wakeman, said of the new visual language, “It has been so easy for us to implement. We always have so much on the go and little time or resources, but the brand gives us easy answers – it’s an easy-to-use toolkit, that works every time. We love it.”

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