147 days of darkness


On Saturday we gain an extra hours sleep. We’re currently on British Summer Time but at the weekend we change our clocks by 1 hour to adhere to Greenwich Mean Time. But why?

The tradition of putting back the clocks for 1 hour each October has been going on for years.  But what are the benefits?  Extra sunlight in a morning – when most of us are in bed!

I personally think there are more negatives about doing this. Who wants to drive to work in the dark and then drive home in the dark? Rush hour traffic is a nightmare at the best of times so why add darkness to make it even more horrendous.  Statistics show that motor accidents rise substantially when driving in the dark – three times higher at night than during the day!

And what about morale?  I know I like sunlight. It makes me feel better and more active. A survey in 2005 suggested that admitting sunlight into hospital wards increases morale and the recovery of patients, never mind providing the human body with an important source of vitamin D.

There has been a lot of discussion and debate over the last few years about ‘Double Summer Time’ – putting clocks two hours forward in the summer months and one in the winder months. This would provide extra daylight hours at the end of the day and boost tourism for some, but provide darker morning in the North. The Scottish Government made the statement ‘Plunging Dundee into darkness to boost tourism in Torquay is simply not acceptable’. So the debate continues.

What do you think?


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