When I was a kid this time of year was all about Mischievous Night followed by Bonfire night. I’m told that Mischievous Night is a Northern thing and not celebrated down South but it definitely used to be a key date in my diary. A group of us used to get together and create havoc doing small pranks and generally being naughty – it was highly enjoyable.

Halloween wasn’t really on the agenda but oh how things have changed.

The 31st October is a firm favourite with my children. They spend weeks thinking about their outfits, planning their make-up and working on new tricks that they can play on the neighbours.  The supermarkets are jam packed with scary costumes, pumpkins and lots of other spooky goodies – which is a nightmare if you’re in a rush to get something and the kids want to look at it all!

The reason I’m thinking about this is that I’ve come into to work today and the office is being turned into a Halloween palace. There are skeletons hung from doorways, cobwebs around entrances, skull bunting covering reception and a mass of pumpkins scattered everywhere. I can’t complain though, with the theme comes lots of edible goodies including buns and sweets. Oh how my kids would enjoy it!

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