A-Cero Architecture – Another fascinating family build


A-Cero have built an incredible reputation for innovative
and inspiring build projects. So much so that with each project it seems they
cannot possibly build anything better. 
It gets to the point where you have to consider that expectations of
their future work are now set impossibly high. With their latest project
however it seems that the architects at A-Cero live up to their prestige.

The Concrete House II is a family project located in Madrid.
Stretching over a surface of 1.600 square meters the first impression you get
of its unusual architecture with gray concrete and vegetation ramps is that you
are looking at a bunker entrance. The design is opened up with floor to ceiling
glass and unusual shapes allowing for countless interesting perspectives. A-Cero
have also added solar tubular collectors to the roof making this a sustainable
and energy efficient property.

Despite the harsh angles and extensive use of concrete (not
the most romantic material) the site inspires to have a ‘dreamy’ image. The
architects achieved this by softening the house with beautiful garden
landscaping and inclusion of a picturesque lake. 




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