Fontsmith year-on-year sales increased by 53%


Creating branding and communications that work for clients is one of the reasons we do what we do. Of all the award schemes, the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards are the hardest to win, as we need to prove the effect on our clients’ business that our design has achieved. You can imagine our delight then, to win a silver award last week at the DBA awards evening in London.


Fontsmith is a type design studio, dedicated to designing and developing high quality typefaces. After 3 years of flat trading, an increasingly congested market and reducing marketing budgets, the business owner knew he had to do something significant, to kick-start the next phase of growth at Fontsmith.


We unearthed 2 key insights that underpinned their brand-led approach – the need to get into a designers ‘special things box’ and the need to create a buzz to raise Fontsmith’s profile.

To achieve both, a celebration of Fontsmith’s first ’10 years in type’ was developed, with the idea of telling the font stories as they have never been told before. That and exceptionally high quality print have been cherished by the target audience,delivering some fantastic results.

Against all 5 project objectives, 10 Years has delivered in big style:

Increase sales – up 53% year-on-year

Increase sales of corporate licences – up 255% year-on-year

Raise awareness – website visits up 50%

Generate new business leads – 613 new warm UK leads generated

Open up international markets – 689 new warm international leads


“In my view, the quality of the print has reassured designers to choose our fonts for corporate branding projects, including the library fonts introduced 4/5 years ago that have now come to maturity. The whole 10 years in type campaign has pushed awareness of Fontsmith hugely and helped change the type of project our fonts are being considered for. It’s all about awareness and reassurance.”

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