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Having celebrated 10 years in type in 2011, Fontsmith continues to develop its family of typefaces in response to the needs and demands of its customers. Three exciting new typefaces are now ready for release and will be added to the Fontsmith library with effect from the end of June 2012.
Each typeface, by different designers, has its own personality and characteristics, but all three share the corporate font values that Fontsmith ensures is present in all its acclaimed work. All Fontsmith typefaces are high quality, rigorously tested and ready to be used in whatever way the customer chooses.
The three new fonts are as follows:
FS Elliot – a work-horse sans serif, ideal for a broad range of applications. 

Elliot IMG 1 WEB470px Elliot Spread IMG WEB470px
FS Truman – a sans serif font that takes the humanist model to a different, more interesting level. 

Truman IMG 1 WEB470px Truman Spread IMG WEB470px
FS Olivia – a serif typeface that captures the details of the process of writing.

Olivia IMG 1 WEB470px Olivia Spread IMG WEB470px
Their release will be celebrated with the release of three booklets we’ve designed to showcase the character and personality of each font.
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