Together – inspiring creativity

by Nick Ramshaw

Creativity is extremely important to everyone in the Thompson team and is essential to what we do as a business. It inspires us every day of our working and personal lives, as we strive to create beautiful work that achieves our clients’ objectives.

But being creative is not easy. It can be very hard! It’s something that requires daily inspiration in order to develop new thinking and ideas. We constantly seek inspiration and to help with this, we are developing a programme for 2014 that will flex our creative muscles and get our clients involved. We know that by working together, we can achieve great things as well as enjoying a fantastic experience along the way.

  • So our idea for next year is to organise a series of workshops, for colleagues and clients, so we can try our hand at the things we have always wanted to have a go at. Whether this is glass blowing or sculpture, the idea is to try something new. This will help us to learn more about creative processes, do some stuff together with clients, have fun creating things, fuel our creative juices and enable us all to be inspired. We will be hosting a series of workshops or sessions that are designed to achieve all this, throughout 2014 (and beyond).

    To get the ball rolling, we have been trying our hand at letterpress printing, something our team has wanted to try for years. Working together with Precission, we have produced our Christmas card this year using this traditional print technique. Having designed the card, we had a production workshop, learning how to achieve the best results and having a go ourselves. If you received a card, we hope you enjoyed it!

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  • At the end of the day, we all love being creative and learning new stuff, so have been having a great time. Next year we will be extending invitations to our clients to get involved, helping to spread the love and inspiration. If you like the sound of it, please get in touch.

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