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At Thompson, keeping up to date with the latest technology and design helps us to stay creative and forward thinking, so when it was decided that we watch a TED lecture every week, we jumped at the chance to show off our favourites. TED Talks are twenty minute bite-sized lectures by industry leading figures from technology, entertainment, and design, and are free to download at their website here. If you can’t decide what to watch first, perhaps our selection will help you!

Stefan Sagmeister
Sagmeister’s first book, Made You Look was high on my reading list throughout my student years, and continues to inspire me now. In this talk Sagmeister talks about things that make him happy and how this is reflected in his work.

Tim Brown
Forcing creativity is never easy. In this lecture, designer Tim Brown shares his experiences of using play as an innovative way of getting creative people to approach briefs in a non-linear way. We’ve already got the Lego bricks out here in the studio…

John Maeda
Another designer whose books are worth a read. I highly recommend The Laws of Simplicity, and Creative Code. Maeda has the enviable ability to create, design, code, and talk about it in an accessible and understandable way that is inspiring and engaging for even the biggest technophobes among us.

Definitely from the left side of the brain, this one. There’s not much to say about this other than just watch/listen to it…

John Cleese
Not strictly a TED talk (so what!) this funny and enlightening insight into how John Cleese uses time and place to be creative is definitely worth a watch.

Milton Glazer
A slow starter this one, but stick with it…Famous for the I (heart) NY identity, Glazer breaks down what he thinks makes a convincing poster, throwing in a few stories and anecdotes along the way.

Jonathan Harris
Artist and computer scientist Jonathan Harris collects stories for the narrative to his work. In this talk he shows off some of the ways he goes about interpreting this, from sketchbooks to software to websites, offering valuable insights into other people’s lives.

Morgan Spurlock
Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock talks about his journey in attempting to make a film about sponsorship entirely funded by sponsors. Insightful, funny, and just plain ridiculous.

David McCandless
Pretty much any graphic designer or data visualisation geek has clapped eyes on his book Information is Beautiful (and if you haven’t, do it now!). In this talk, McCandless brings the stories behind the visuals to life and leaves the audience asking: why can’t data visualisation be more interesting?

Marion Bantjes
Graphic designer and illustrator Marion Banjtes creates beautiful work by her own rules. In this talk Bantjes explains how she built her career doing just what she loves.

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