NRM rebrand wins DBA award

by Nick Ramshaw

With all our clients, we set out with the objective of making a measurable impact on their business, whatever they do, and delivering a return on their investment in us. So, there is no finer feeling than to win an award for doing just this!

  • Last week, we collected a prestigious silver DBA Design Effectiveness Award for the rebrand of the National Railway Museum in York. These awards are tough to win, and require a detailed submission and proof of the effect of the design work on performance. It was great to collect the award at the posh event in East London, with Emma and Chris our very supportive clients, and for them to share in our success.

    After 5 years of falling visitor numbers, the rebrand was launched in 2010 and there has been a fantastic turnaround, partly we believe due to the fantastic new branding. Visitor numbers increased by 35% between 2010 and 2012, and then last year performance was even better. The Museum estimates total visitor numbers for 2013 will hit 1,000,000 for only the second time in its history, including their busiest day ever in June with over 13,000 visitors.

  • Our work was aimed at re-positioning the brand to appeal more to families, without alienating the enthusiasts. The ‘Connecting Generations’ positioning was brought to life through a new identity that draws on railway iconography whilst accommodating family friendly messages and imagery. And it has worked! Family visits are up 17%. On top of that, web visits are up 30% compared to last year, merchandise licence sales are up a massive 397% and the Museum has retained its number 1 rank on Trip Advisor.

  • And even more importantly, the pride within the team towards their brand is back…big style. Everyone is now a brand guardian, taking extra care with consistency, always looking to ensure the best possible user experience. Fantastic news.

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