Furniture and graphic design

by Jimmy Smith

I’m probably not the first designer who likes a bit of furniture design on the side and these examples below show off the two coming together quite nicely.

Letter Stool
This set of side tables/stools by Sascha Grewe from Art Can Break Your Heart are available in 26 uniquely designed letters with a choice of 250 colours and 3 materials. They strike a nice balance between something playful & useful and you can have fun composing an almost unlimited amount of messages!

  • Over-sized Letters
    On a larger scale these award winning storage units by Swiss company Set 26 are available in every letter of the alphabet with the addition of a plus symbol and a dot.

  • 4D Paper Lettering
    Not quite furniture, but I couldn’t leave out these 4D letters by Gerard Miró from Barcelona based company Lo Siento. The ‘orthogonal’ paper objects can be read from almost any angle and are a great example of high quality paper craft.

  • The A Range
    If like me, a bit of plywood gets you going then this range by designer Alex Swain is one for you. It uses the uppercases A’s structural shape and turns it into a collection consisting of the A Stool, A Table, A Coat Stand and the A Desk.

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