Creative spotlight


We are always searching far and wide for the best creative inspiration out there. Here is a selection of our favourites from this month…

  • Felix Pfäffli – Switzerland

    This guy has got one of the coolest graphic styles I’ve seen!

    Check out
    Wired: Animated typography & Werkschau.

  • Leta Sobierajski – New York

    Amazingly colourful and wacky art direction.

    Check out
    Marle typeface & Odd pairs campaign.

    She also has an ongoing photography project
    with her fella (wade jeffree – Sagmeister+Walsh)

  • The Royal Studio – Portugal

    Now for some seriously experimental graphic design…

    Check out
    The whole site is purely visual – see for yourself.

  • Ode To Things – Shop

    Some beautifully minimal lifestyle products.

    Check out
    Fujiyama Beer Glass & ITO Bindery Memo block.

  • Studio Hi Ho – Melbourne

    Great balance of clever thinking and creativity.

    Check out
    Open Journal & Nine Smith Street.

  • Ludovic Balland – Basel

    Serious typographer with an edgy style.

    Check out
    Warsaw Under Construction & Stanley typeface.

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