Future Flames

by Rachel Cook

Maybe it’s due to a sneaky tour of the Olympic stadium (please see Nick’s previous post!) or the profiles of 2012 hopefuls gracing the pages of even the least sporty of magazines, but I can’t help but notice that with just one year to go, Olympic fever really seems to be building. I, for one, am quite excited – and I don’t even have tickets.

It could also be the huge billboards that I ride past twice daily, advertising the ‘Future Flames’ campaign, in association with Coca Cola. If you’ve not heard the story, you can nominate a fabulously inspirational person (yourself included), for a chance for them to carry the Olympic Torch when the relay starts next year. With marketing also adorning buses, banners and no doubt Coke cans, as well as being endorsed by Dizzee Rascal, they’re doing a fabulous job at driving awareness, and driving to web.

  • You can nominate your Future Flame up until midnight 5th September 2011, here:

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