New Livery for the National Railway Museum


The National Railway Museum in York has been rebranded by Thompson Brand Partners, with the in-house team about to embark on a programme of brand implementation across all parts of the organisation.

The museum is the largest railway museum in the world, attracting almost 1 million visitors to its sites in York and Shildon. It forms part of the National Museum of Science & Industry (NMSI) family that also includes the Science Museum and the National Media Museum. The NMSI vision is to create the most admired museum brands in the world.

  • The essence of the National Railway Museum brand is much more than just a chronicle of the history of the railways. It is about ‘connecting generations’ through the story of railways and exploring how they have changed the world.

    The new logo has been designed to reflect the direction the museum is moving in. It is modern, simple, easy to read and dynamic with a clear indication of speed and momentum. It is based on the many angled slashes that can be found in the iconography and architecture of railway throughout history. It also makes subtle reference to rails.

    As well as designing the new logo, Thompson Brand Partners has created extensive brand guidelines including how to use the logo and identity elements, colour, typefaces and imagery. A large selection of applications has also been designed to help the Museum team rollout the new branding.

  • Creative Director Ian Thompson has worked on the branding himself and thoroughly enjoyed the project. “It doesn’t get much better than this! A fantastic project with a wealth of history, iconic imagery and wonderful reference, all combined in a re-positioning brand exercise for one of the best museums in the world.”

    Emma Farley, Marketing and PR Manager at the National Railway Museum, is equally excited about rolling out the new branding. “These are exciting times for the Museum and we think the new branding will help to draw even more visitors to our 300 years of history and 1,000,000 objects that have changed the world. Thompson Brand Partners has helped bring out the best of our heritage but at the same time created a stunning new identity that appeals to younger audiences and families.”

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