Design Week focus: 'How to achieve trust'

by Rachel Cook
  • Following on from our Gold award win at the Design Business Association ‘s (DBA) Design Effectiveness Awards 2015 for Keelham Farm Shop , we’ve had congratulations, slaps on the back and handshakes all round. But there was one comment in our Creative Director Ian’s acceptance speech that piqued the interest of John Scarrott from the DBA. Ian commented: “There’s nothing like a client’s trust to make you up your game.”

    Trust is essential in any client-agency relationship. It’s what makes the difference between design that is fine but doesn’t really push the client or design forward, and design that that cuts ahead of the competition and can transform a client’s business.

    John’s commented in Design Week : “This quote struck me as really interesting. It hinted at the interrelationship between client and designer, how the dynamic is not just about money and work passing in opposite directions. It suggested a level of dynamism and energy underpinning the relationship that, when understood and tapped into, has the potential to generate performance improvements for both parties and make the relationship really fulfilling.”

    If we can agree that trust is important in relationship, what we all really need to find out is how we can earn trust, and keep it, through thick and thin, to build enduring relationships, the kind that really breed great creativity and great client results. John interviewed both Ian and Keelham’s founder Victoria Robertshaw to find out the secrets, and outlined the following principles (link to the full details of each at the bottom of this article):

    1. A bump in the road is the perfect base on which to build trust

    2. The client and designer build each other’s confidence

    3. The designer needs to get the client and the client needs to feel “got”

    4. The importance of “thinking harder” to Keelham and Thompson

  • To read the full story and to find out about the 5 things that designers and clients can take from these principles, read the full story on Design Week here .

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