Exciting opportunity for Leeds Art and Design Graduates!

by Emma Shakeshaft


Leeds City Council is commissioning 4 publications to celebrate the British Art Show 8 which opens in Leeds in October 2015. Each publication is called simply, ‘Untitled’.

East Street Arts in collaboration with Marion Harrison and ourselves, have been commissioned to produce the 3rd edition. The publication will showcase the work of ‘hidden artists’ in Leeds and West Yorkshire.

What do I have to do?

We’re inviting you to produce a design for a sticker to be placed in or on the publication. The publication is A4 and has a white cover with a coloured band, 20mm wide running down the right hand edge.

The sticker could be of any size and can be printed in colour or black and white, but it must look good on A4 sized publication. The shape isn’t fixed but we will not be able to create a bespoke-shape sticker due to budget, so it will need to be a standard geometric shape.

We may need to scale the designs up or down for economy of print so you should submit a design that will work at a minimum of 50mm x 50mm.

We will print a sheet of 3 different sticker designs and supply these together with the publication, allowing the reader to place one or all of them on the cover, of somewhere else of their choosing.

The brief for the design of the sticker is simply to respond playfully, subversively and proactively to the word ‘Untitled’. Consider what ‘Untitled’ means to you and your art/design practice. Your response can be image and/or texted based.


Please submit 3-5 designs for selection (3 will be chosen).

Please send them to Lydia@esamail.org.uk by 12 noon Thursday 30th April, with your name, course and University.

Include a short piece of writing about yourself. We’d like you to include something anecdotal/factual about Leeds to reveal the Leeds that you know, and for us to understand a little of your background here. If you are successful we will include this anecdote in your profile within the publication.


The deadline for entries is 12 noon Thursday 30th April.

The selection panel will include: Karen Watson/Lydia Catterall – East Street Arts
Rachel Cook – Thompson Brand Partners
Marion Harrison – Artist

If your submission is successful, you will be notified by Friday 1st May and the publication and stickers will go to print on 13th May.

The publication will be launched in early June 2015 and 10,000 copies will be distributed across Leeds and West Yorkshire.


The winning entry will receive a fee of £150.

Sound good? What have you got to lose!

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