Our rebrand of TopCashback

by Thompson Brand Partners

We have just completed the rebrand of TopCashback, the UK’s highest paying cashback and vouchers website – www.topcashback.co.uk, and wanted to share some details.

  • Having grown significantly over recent years to over 4,500,000 members, TopCashback felt it needed to update its branding in order to reflect its leading position in both the UK and international markets.

    TopCashback’s mission has always been to help members get better value and better savings when they shop. The new branding needed to reflect this and the core values, which are: Working tirelessly to bring members the sweetest deals; Remaining agile in a competitive environment; Conducting business ethically; Acting charitably and generously; Driving innovation; Showing leadership in the field. The audience is also changing, from tech-savvy professionals into a much broader range of online shoppers, with a 50/50 male/female balance.

  • TopCashback CEO Oliver Ragg explains: “We set out to create a meaningful global brand identity that encourages all members and staff to share our story with one powerful voice. We chose the hummingbird as it symbolises great determination, agility, flexibility and most of all works hard to get to the sweetest treats.”

    “Our new brand and colours are a visual representation of what we stand for, which when distilled to its essence, is the people’s champion of cashback rewards. Thompson Brand Partners has helped us greatly, to articulate this and create an identity that brings it to life. We look forward to the next phase of our journey with both our millions of current loyal members and welcoming new TopCashback members under our wings.”

  • Nick Ramshaw, MD here at Thompson Brand Partners added: “Working with online brands is always exciting. Their worlds change on an almost daily basis, and this job has been as much about positioning as it has been about creative execution. Having tested the new branding with TopCashback members, we are all confident it will meet its objectives and help drive the brand onwards.”

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