Creative Collection

by Leanne Watkinson

We all enjoy a good nosey at other people’s work, so here’s the pick of some of my favourite studios and designers of late…

  • Quim Marin (Barcelona)

    Clever ideas, beautifully produced. An inspirational visual feast, his poster work is particularly lovely.

    Check out: All of it, there’s too much lovely stuff to choose from.

  • Face (Mexico)

    Super-modern and experimental, there’s nothing on this site I don’t love.

    Check out: Nrmal

  • The Mill (London/New York/Los Angeles/Chicago)

    Film, motion graphics, gaming… if it moves, they do it (really, really well).

    Check out: Audi ‘Birth’

  • Malika Favre (London)

    A pretty perfect example of the use of positive/negative space and minimal colour palettes.

    Check out: The Big Reveal, BAFTA

  • We Are Royale (Los Angeles/Seattle)

    The website for this motion design studio is packed full of personality and quirky animation. They like to ‘make sense of things (like Tom Selleck’s mustache)’.

    Check out: Save The Drop

  • Gemma O’Brien, aka Mrs. Eaves (Australia)

    Super talented illustrative typographer. I want to be her.

    Check out: Everything, it’s all amazing.

  • Lo Siento (Barcelona)

    A long-time favourite of mine, they specialise in highly experimental, hands-on projects.

    Check out: Spollo kitchen / Clearwater

  • CJ Hendry (Australia)

    Incredibly talented photo-realistic illustrator.

    Check out: Chanel No. 5

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