Creative Collection #2

by Leanne Watkinson

Take a peek at some of the studios, artists and designers we at Thompson Towers have been admiring this month. We’re always happy to hear your recommendations, too, so feel free to comment below with any suggestions!

  • Here

    A studio that undertakes all aspects of design, “from brands to bars to bakeries, from books to bottles to boxes”, and always with a clever idea.

    Check out:
    Nigella Cookbook for beautiful, witty illustration.

  • New Substance

    A UK-based studio that specialises in show design and bespoke performance structures, “where architecture meets drama”. With clients including Beyonce and Rod Stewart, these guys are experts at creating dramatic new worlds.

    Check out:
    Their showreel for an overview.

  • Hey

    This Barcelona-based studio are probably best known for their vector illustration style, but also produce some lovely branding work.

    Check out:
    Estampaciones Fuerte

  • Alphabetical

    This creative graphic design studio in London produce quirky, clean and experimental work, and their website reflects this approach beautifully.

    Check out:
    UK/Mexico for stunningly applied typography with a clever concept.


    This website is for a Japanese interior design company, and the homepage is definitely one of the more unusual I’ve seen.

  • Mario Hugo

    One of the first designers I became aware of, and I still love his work. Stunning and surreal hand-drawn illustration, illustrated type and digital design.

    Check out:
    It’s impossible to choose just one or two. All beautiful.

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