Covers #1

by Jake Greenwood

Despite the fact that physical records are more of a rarity now, (regardless of whether or not Tesco start selling them ). The square and circle format of the record cover is something that shapes the visual landscape of the music industry today.

Here are a few covers and labels (focusing on the more electronic side of things, new and old) that stand out from the crowd and also do a pretty good job of representing the music, as any good cover should.

Firstly, Hinge Finger is a label run by producer Joy Orbison and graphic designer Will Bankhead. The artwork to accompany any Hinge Finger release is brilliant but especially Joy Orbison – Ellipsis (2012) and Barnt – His Name (2014). The slightly demonic illustration on the cover of the His Name EP fits with the music perfectly.

Barnt – His Name (2014).

  • Joy O – Ellipsis (2012).

  • Bam Bam – where’s your child (1988). is accompanied by a sleazy snake skin pattern shrouded in mind altering false colour. Perfect for the iconic acid track within.

  • Palace – Codex/NRG (2015). On Hot Haus Recs, another relatively new record but covered in 90’s ascii art.

  • Autechre – Draft 7.30 (2003), cover designed by Alex Rutterford . The abstract 3d visuals perfectly reflect the futuristic electronic music. This cover is a great example of how 3d modelling was becoming more accessible due to the progression in technology at the time. This helped shape the electronic music industry as well as others like video games. For more stuff like this from around this time have a look at the work the Designers Republic used to produce.

  • Manuel Sepulveda is a London based designer who now operates his independent design studio as Optigram. He has produced artwork for a huge number of labels, starting with Aphex twins Rephlex label and now working with Warp, Plant Mu and Kode 9’s Hyperdub to name just a few.

  • Mr. Mitch – Parallel Memories (2014)

  • Hyperdub – 10 (2014)

  • LV – Sebenza (2012)

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