Creative Collection #3

by Leanne Watkinson

It’s that time of the month again. The one when the folk of Thompson Towers present the studios, designers, illustrators and any other goings-on that have provided us with inspiration over the past few weeks.

Next month’s Creative Collection will be an Australian special. As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts and recommendations, too! You can comment below.

  • Ginger Monkey

    Bristol-based illustrator, letterer and graphic designer Tom Lane, AKA ‘Ginger Monkey’, is a long-standing favourite of mine. Perfectly formed, intricately illustrated typography is his calling card, and it can be found beautifully applied to anything from playing cards to drink bottles to book covers. I’m a sucker for his hand-lettered logotypes and his work for the Post Office’s Christmas campaign last year.

  • Mucho

    With offices in the UK, Paris, Barcelona, New York and San Fransisco, Mucho describe themselves as “the global boutique design studio”. Their work on Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology is particularly eye-catching.

  • Jonathan Wilkinson

    Leeds-born and Sheffield-based, Jonathan’s illustrations of cityscapes and iconic buildings are varied in style, but all incredibly lovely. I first came to appreciate his work through illustrations such as Abbeydale Picture House, but his more recent work seems to be much more colourful and friendly.

  • Accept & Proceed

    Working across “print, screen and spaces”, this London-based studio has done some gorgeous work for the Rapha Pro Team. I really like their bright, bold, 8-bit-inspired illustration for The Insights Toolkit, too.

  • Red & White Studio

    Another London-based studio, Red & White are responsible for the rebrand of Sadler’s Wells. Some may say the new logotype is pretty hipster, but I personally think it does a great job of being versatile enough to work with myriad styles of production imagery, and lends the organisation a much needed contemporary edge; one befitting of the productions it houses.

  • Zipeng Zhu

    Prepare yourself for a feast of psychedelic visuals! A designer, illustrator, animator and art director based in New York, Zipeng’s website leaves you in no doubt of his character, and showcases a few cherrypicked examples of his most recent work. His project Electrica makes me smile, and won an honour from the Art Director’s Club.

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