The Christmas Collection

by Leanne Watkinson

Christmas is just around the corner, and with the countdown well and truly on until the big day, here’s a run down of a few Christmas-themed offerings from the world of design and advertising, all designed to spread a little festive joy. If this doesn’t get you into the festive spirit, I’m not sure what will!

  • Coca-Cola Gift Bottle

    If you haven’t seen the adverts for this yet, where have you been?! A simple, creative and joy-giving twist on Coke’s standard bottle labels, from the brand that practically sponsors Christmas. You can watch the videos here.

  • Yule Log

    Tradition meets the digital age, with artists from around the world submitting 30 second short films based on the theme of the yule log. It’s fascinating to see so many interpretations of the same theme, and there’s bound to be something to take everyone’s fancy here. Take a second to appreciate the scrolling homepage, too.

  • Resolutions

    A Christmas countdown with a focus on the New Year, each day presents a different resolution idea, animated beautifully and with a good serving of humour.

  • Treemassive

    Christmas is a time for bringing people together, and this lovely Instagram project from NFG Studio does just that. You can submit your 3-picture layer design here and contribute to the tree, helping to grow a fir to tower over all others. Some “massive stupid creative xmas fun” to help pass some of those long, wintry days.

  • Johnson Family Christmas

    It’s a full-on, dubstep, Christmas light show in the sleepy suburbs of Texas – what’s not to absolutely LOVE about this? It’s 11 mins of pure viewing pleasure, and I defy anyone not to have a huge, silly grin on their face the whole way through. I even found myself liking the Frozen mash-up… It’s a stroke of genius.

  • 24 Days of Lever St.

    An advent countdown that’s a little closer to home, Manchester’s True North have created a visual festive treat, in collaboration with interior design practice Sheila Bird. Behind each window sits a unique illustration, specially commissioned for this project. They wanted to celebrate the festivities through creativity and collaboration, and so went about uniting all of the organisations based within the building, as well as guest illustrators from across the city, to bring Christmas cheer to the people of Manchester. All illustrations are available to buy here, with all proceeds being donated to Wood Street Mission.

  • GIFt

    This festive offering from Moving Brands celebrates the worst gifts ever received, all in GIF format. From pants from your nan that are four sizes too big, to a six foot water fountain for your tiny, 6th floor flat, this is a handy reminder that something good can come from even the most misguided of Christmas presents.

  • The Wondrous Wellington Advent Calendar

    Brought to you by the Wellington (NZ) tourist board, this intricate, animated site is designed to help residents discover a little more of the city whilst giving something back to them. Advent calendar doors are scattered across the landscape, each with a freebie or special offer hiding behind it. A great idea to get people out and about, discovering new things and just generally helping the residents of the city to have a nice time around Christmas.

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