Creative Collection #5

by Leanne Watkinson

It’s been a while since our last studio roundup, so here are some top picks that have kept our inspiration levels running high here at Thompson over the past few weeks.

  • Anna Kovecses

    Anna is a Hungarian illustrator now living in Cyprus. With a charming cut-out style, these bright, bold creations won’t fail to put a smile on your face.

    Check out: Monocle’s Entrepreneurs Guide. Cheery and engaging, these would help any budding entrepreneur feel ready for success.

  • Zeitguised

    This Berlin studio contains a mix of artists, designers and technologists, all working together to create “tantalizing design, acute art, handmade algorithms and bespoke generative processes.” The resulting 3D work is beautiful and mesmerising.

    Check out: Sim Stim. This alternative take on the human condition is totally weird (the phrases ‘sensual nano-alchemy’ and ‘inverse boob job’ both feature in its description), but that’s why I like it so much.

  • Monkier

    Based in San Francisco, this studio output smart, colourful, minimal design solutions for brands large and small that will stand the test of time.

    Check out: Tidepool. An identity based on connecting the dots, for a platform and suite of apps created to make the management of type 1 diabetes more manageable.

  • Rafa Merino

    Rafa Merino is an award-winning, multidisciplinary designer and art director based in Madrid. He aims to tell stories through imagery; and what stories they are! Using film and still life, he transports us to an enthralling array of different worlds.

    Check out: Where the Beast Happens. A difficult choice from a stunning portfolio of work, but this short film is packed with atmosphere and intrigue.

  • Mainframe

    This creative production studio, based in London and Manchester, produce “innovative commercials and branded content.” Another motion graphics studio that can transport you into a parallel universe. Beautiful.

    Check out: Harrods Fine Jewellery. What can I say, with so many incredible projects to choose from, I’m just a sucker for shiny, pretty things!

  • Always With Honor

    This illustrative duo consists of Tyler and Elsa Lang, and they’re based in Portland, Oregon. Their site includes a personality-packed Q&A page, which gives us a little glimpse into the minds of the pair that create such bold, colourful illustrations.

    Check out: USPS Coastal Birds. A great example of composition and colour on the smallest of scales. I’d love to receive one of these through the post.

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