Thompson rebrands Kirkstall Forge, an entirely new neighbourhood in Leeds

by Nick Ramshaw

We have rebranded Kirkstall Forge, the £400m mixed-use development by CEG in Leeds.

Kirkstall Forge is situated in a wooded valley of the River Aire and Leeds Liverpool Canal. The new neighbourhood will consist of 300,000 sq ft of grade A offices, 1,050 new homes, 100,000 sq ft of retail space, cafes and bars, a new train station and a new school. The construction of the first office building has recently achieved practical completion, and the first tenants, Zenith and CEG, will move in shortly.

CEG’s vision is to create a new neighbourhood, based on the principles of Victorian model villages like Saltaire. The masterplan and homes have been designed by Feilden Bradley Clegg Studios, winners of the RIBA Stirling Prize, and the offices benchmark a new quality of specification for Leeds. Kirstall Forge also has its own new railway station.

  • Our team here at Thompson has confirmed the approach: “CEG is creating a new neighbourhood in Leeds, unlike anything that already exists. The Scandinavian influenced homes will offer a genuinely new choice. The combination of a 6 minute train ride into the city, the river/canal valley setting and easy access to the Yorkshire Dales, provides a unique proposition for people looking to live or work in this part of the world.”

    “Such a proposition needs branding that stands out and communicates the potential this place has to offer, to an audience who want to live and work in inspiring places. Working in collaboration with our client, we refer to the proposition as ‘Different by design’. Kirkstall Forge is different, and intentionally so.”

    We have applied the brand to new site hoarding, marketing collateral and worked with the CEG’s developers to design a new website. Future applications will include advertising campaigns, a marketing centre graphics and a suite of sales brochures and guide books.

  • Head of Sales and Marketing at CEG, Aisling Ramshaw is confident that the new branding will provide the platform needed to sell and let future phases: “Our whole team is delighted with the new branding. Having defined and researched our target audiences, we know we have to portray this development as something different and something new. Kirkstall Forge needs to be positioned at the premium level of the market, as our ambition is that it is the best mixed use development in the North of England.”

    “To achieve this, Thompson has brought a fresh approach to this type of property marketing. The new branding signifies exactly what Kirkstall Forge stands for, with a lightness and touch that communicates perfectly our unique proposition.”

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