We’ve recently been talking about revamping the office and with so much of our lives spent here the actual design decisions have been difficult to agree on. Some of us want it clean, modern, clinical and open and others want their own little personalised nook to escape into. Needless to say we’re undecided.

Anyway, there are lots of ideas on the go at the moment and I wont steal Ian’s thunder by revealing them but during my digging and researching I have come across some really clever and interesting concepts/ products I thought I would share with you.

Firstly, storage! If you are anything like us, you will keep EVERYTHING. We all have desks filled with books, files, toys, images, clients work, clients products etc and we all have the same problem of running out of space to put our laptop or notepad. We do already have a studio that is lined with bookshelves which helps and I love bookshelves. I love the look of them, how they show just the spine of the book and create beautiful patterns and shapes. That’s the great thing about the kinds of books that are relevant to designers.. they all tend to be beautiful or at least interesting and unusual.

The following images are of a plain white bookcase referenced only as the Italian Fitting Bookcase. (Unfortunately the blog I found this in didn’t say who makes it or designed it! Doh!) I think you could pretty much do this with any modular shelving system but I really liked the idea that you can take a regular bookcase and use it in different ways. I am also a sucker for white bookcases on white walls.




And then of course the classic but just as sexy…. that’s right sexy!


Coral x

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